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Executive Protection
Bodyguard Services
Celebrity Bodyguard Services


What is your safety worth?


With the myriad of threats today’s society presents us, private security is no longer associated with only large corporations and private/public facilities.  The dangers we face have become prevalent.  This factor is dramatically increased by being a celebrity or executive of stature. 

Omni Security Services offers the solution.

The staff at Omni Security Services are managed and comprised of current and former military, special forces and law enforcement.  All field personnel are rigorously screened and tested.  Our physical and educational requirements exceed those of most state, local and federal law enforcement.  Omni Security Services are unmatched with the most extensively trained personnel in North America.


  • Executive Protection.

  • Highly Trained, Professional Personnel.

  • Personnel consist of Current and Former Military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement.

  • Consultation.

  • Security Equipment.

  • Access Control

  • State of the Art Camera Systems and Sensors

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