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Kyle Turley

Kyle Turley


Kyle Turley, an All-Pro NFL Player and a proud consultant for OMNI Security Services.

“Omni is the most dedicated firm an individual or company could contract for security services. As a former employee and current consultant I have seen the intimate dedication Omni has for their clients. Omni security is the only company I would conceive of trusting in this industry. Quality and care matter and the staff at Omni are more than qualified at every level to ensure satisfaction.”
— Kyle Turley

Christopher Cronin

Christopher Cronin


Chris has been the President/CEO Omni Security Services for over 22 years. He has an extensive background in security with training in such exclusive programs as WinRay International Executive Protection/Secret Service Academy *United States *Saudi Arabia *United Arab Emirates *Dubai. The State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services issued OMNI Private Patrol Operator #12429 – in 1996.

His career has been far reaching having been very involved in the planning of the 1996 Republican National Convention including: HBO’s (Politically Incorrect) with Bill Maher, NBC & CNN Compounds, Copley Family International Media Party working directly with the Secret Service. The 1996 Van’s Warp Tour, 1998 & 2002 Super Bowl Events with over 600 security personnel, San Diego’s annual Street Scene with over 100,000 in attendance over the 3 day Music Festival. OMNI has been an approved vendor of the San Diego Convention Center since 1996 with Chris overseeing the training of over 2000 Specialized Security Personnel.

Prior to and after founding Omni Security Services, Chris Cronin managed and facilitated security operations for a myriad of clients for over 30 years. He is considered one of the premier experts in crowd management on the West Coast and an expert in Executive Protection, specializing in Celebrity Clientele. He has had the opportunity to protect such celebrities as Pete Townsend, Drew Brees, LaDanian Tomlinson and Jewel.

OMNI provided access control and magnetometer for concerts and high profile meetings including The Dali Lama, Barbara Streisand, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Fifty Cent and Bakersfield Business Conference with attendees including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister. OMNI provided Personal protection and access control and magnetometers for Columbine survivors media tour in San Diego.

Bill Keller

Bill Keller

Director of Operations

Bill Keller has over 35 years of experience in military and law enforcement special operations. He started his military career in 1979 and has served in both the Army and Air Force. This lead to a career in law enforcement where Bill was a member of a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team holding positions as SWAT K-9 handler, SWAT medic and SWAT sniper.

Bill has also worked as a contract government security specialist in the Middle East where he gained experience conducting low profile, high risk security operations in both permissive and non-permissive environments. As a private firearms/tactics instructor he has provided training to a wide variety of clientele from NGOs and corporate organizations to Military and Department of State personnel.

Bill is also a graduate of the Oregon Health and Sciences University’s School of Nursing and Advanced Paramedic Training program holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing as well as Paramedic certification. Bill’s medical career has been spent specializing in Emergency/Trauma care with emphasis in Flight Nursing and Tactical Combat Causality Care.

Dean Foster

Dean Foster

Training / Operations

Dean Foster started his career in law enforcement in Oregon more than 24 years ago. He quickly ascended through the organization and eventually joined the SWAT Team. Dean has worked investigations as a detective and is presently a Detective Sergeant for the Major Crimes Team. He has investigated /supervised many different crime scenes including Homicides and Officer Involved Shootings.

Dean is currently the lead Sniper Instructor for the SWAT Team. His supervision and vast knowledge of tactics has also earned Dean the title of Oregon Police Academy Defensive Tactics Instructor and Lead Use of Force Instructor.

Dean is the creator of the first Oregon Police Academy Ground Fighting Course and the Chief Instructor for the American Sambo Academy Northwest. Dean has created an intensive 6 week training course for all employees of Omni and is the lead instructor for the course.

Dean is the owner of Systema.  Systema (Система, literally meaning The System) is a Russian Martial Art. Training includes, but is not limited to: hand-to-hand combat, grappling, knife fighting, and firearms training. Training involves drills and sparring without set kata. In Systema, the body has to be free of tensions, filled with endurance, flexibility, effortless movement, and explosive potential; the "spirit" or psychological state has to be calm, free of anger, irritation, fear, self-pity, delusion, and pride.

Training and experience:

  • Police Officer since 1985

  • Current assignment/Detective Sergeant

    Major Crimes Team Investigator/Supervisor

    Homicide and Officer Involved Shootings

  • SWAT Sniper and Sniper Instructor

  • Oregon Police Academy Defensive Tactics Instructor

  • Agency Lead Use of Force Instructor

    Defensive Tactics/Combatives/Less Lethal/Firearms/Simulation Training Creator of first defensive ground fighting course for the Oregon Police Academy American Combat Sambo-Chief Instructor/Oregon

  • Provided combatives training for “special warfare” personnel

Omni Security

Our Training

OMNI Security Services Armed Guard Training

o 21 day intensive basic training course. Additional courses required at later dates

o Focus on legal and reasonable use of force based upon understanding the totality of the circumstances at the time force was employed

o All ranges of combatives are trained and tested in real world scenarios

o Emphasis placed on covert techniques to control/stop a threat without apparent use of force eliminating attention and reducing liability

o Basic trauma medicine

o Basic range safety and basics of firearms techniques

o Close contact engagements with and without a partner

o Compromised position shooting

o Multiple target identification and engagement

o Low light shooting emphasizing target identification

o Advanced Qualification Course with a 90% requirement both daylight and night

o Vehicle Tactics

o Each training day builds upon the next and requires the trainee to apply the six principles of combatives which are present in every situation.

Training culminates with a complete day of multiple scenarios requiring the trainee to employ all skill sets learned and demonstrate an appropriate basis of knowledge and technical proficiency to become a deployable asset.

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